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My story


I grew up on a small farm in South Dakota, in a family of 6 children.  I saw life as a struggle early on.  We didn’t have much money and food was sometimes hard to come by.  I saw alcohol as a painful problem at times, which made me feel invisible. But no matter what, my parents took us to church on Sunday mornings.  Deep down, I believe this helped me feel a sense of connection and deeper meaning to life.

From a young age, I was always super curious about other people.  I sometimes wondered, “Why are we here?", “Why do we struggle and feel unhappy sometimes?", and “Why do some people struggle immensely and others not so much?” I hated to see people in pain and I wanted to help. That’s what drove me to become a Doctor.  And for as long as I can remember, I’ve  felt a strong drive to be successful.  I wanted so much more than my childhood had to offer and I knew it was up to me to accomplish that.  I had BIG dreams that I KNEW would come true some day!


But I had some big bumps along the way…


I married my junior high school sweetheart and had my first child in college. We divorced shortly after I started doctorate school and now I had a beautiful little 2 year old to take care of and the pressures of school to deal with.  I was happy to graduate from Chiropractic school and end up in a relationship with one of my best friends from school.  We had a mutual love of working out and got into bodybuilding and figure competitions.  But this led into a life of hard partying, drugs and alcohol, later causing us to crash and burn.  My boyfriend had an overdose and unfortunately I was addicted too.  Life was miserable, to say the least.  And I finally left.  He then hit rock bottom and had a spiritual awakening and came back to help me.  We rehabbed together and worked harder than ever to understand pain and suffering and where all the fear and self-doubt came from that held us back in life.  Our life began to change in amazing ways.  We had 4 more beautiful children and life became unbelievably better.  I want to share what I learned and the tools I used to help me live the life I was meant to live.   A life beyond my dreams.

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I own a multiple six-figure business and I just launched a new one.  We have a beautiful family of 7, and a home and lifestyle we love. I live a life beyond my expectations and wake up excited to see what the day may bring.