Life Coach + Spiritual Mentor








“Brenda has excellent coaching techniques and enhanced focus to help me find the answers within. She has a relaxed approach to help uncover my strengths, and help improve my confidence and self image. She makes it easy to talk about daily challenges, goals, and becoming a better person.”

- Female Entrepreneur & Business Owner

"Brenda has totally changed the way I look at and solve problems in my life.  She has shown me exactly how to reverse my old, negative thought patterns and how not to create new ones.   And she showed me how to let go of guilt, which is so amazing!  Brenda has helped me in more ways than I could have ever imagined!"

-Female Entrepreneur  (Twin Cities, Minnesota)

"Working with Brenda has catapulted me into a whole new zone of confidence and inner strength.  She's not only helped me find my voice, but also my  power! 

- Female Property Manager (Twin Cities, Minnesota)